Latex Catsuit as Second Skin

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Latex Catsuit as Second Skin

When someone mentions sexy clothing, nine out of ten people will imagine school uniforms, corsets, and other cliché garments. But what about catsuits? Aren’t tight, shiny latex onesies a thing anymore? Well, yes, they are. And the thing that’s great about them is that you don’t have to be a washed-out 1980s glam rocker to look cool while wearing them.


Latex catsuits are perfect for anyone looking to crank their bedroom activities to eleven. And when we say everyone, we mean both men and women, gay and hetero folks. In fact, you don’t have to identify as any of the above to look cool and feel attractive in a catsuit. It also works great if you find yourself fluid when it comes to sexual orientation and gender.

What Is a Latex Catsuit?

Just like their name suggests, these suites are made from latex. This is a shiny material that you can easily stretch, making it possible to fit any size or body type. Therefore, both men and women enjoy latex clothing for various purposes. And speaking of purpose, they are common in the wardrobes of those who like to get kinky and experiment with BDSM.


Catsuits are onesies. That means that they consist of only one piece and are easy to put on. Most have a zipper that either goes across the front or the back. Still, some types come with add-ons like hoodies, gloves, and latex socks. These accompany the whole suit, allowing you to look like a full-on fetish doll if you’re into that.


Since latex catsuits are pretty much sex-wear, they need to act like that. They accomplish this by adding zippers in the genital area, making it easy to unzip and pull out your penis or moon your love hole. Additionally, some types of latex catsuits allow the same with your breasts, successfully exposing your bonny jugs.

What Does Wearing a Catsuit Feel Like?

Latex catsuits aren’t just about their looks. Sure enough, they are sexy as all hell and make you appear sexy as well. However, that’s not their sole selling point. The other one is that they feel great when you put them on. But how so? Well, it’s all in the pressure they create once they encapsulate your body completely.


Namely, latex outfits don’t leave much room for air once on a person’s body. For some, this might sound like a horrible idea, but allow us to finish. Although they are tight, they are never uncomfortable due to their elastic nature. Catsuits allow men and women to enjoy all sorts of poses as well as successfully move around. 


Yet, that’s not all. Since they are so tight, latex catsuits allow a person to feel every touch as if they are completely naked. And this is regardless of how strong or light that touch might be. Additionally, these outfits accent your body’s silhouette, making you feel sexier than while wearing any other type of clothes. 

Catsuit as Second Skin

The main reason people enjoy dressing up in latex catsuits is not just how they look or how it feels to be touched while wearing one. They do it to get new skin. Yep! When you put on a latex catsuit, you’ll immediately feel like someone else. And that other person just might be the one you imagine while daydreaming about your sexual fantasies.


We all have fantasies and fetishes. Some are more common than others, but there’s a common thread to all of them. When fantasizing, it’s rare to picture ourselves the way we are in certain outlandish scenarios. Instead, we think about some other versions of us, one more daring and courageous. And that’s what a catsuit provides us with — a second skin.


When a person puts on their latex onesie, they immediately transform. No longer are they Joe or Jane who feel shame for enjoying this or that. They become people from their fantasies, capable of dirty acts without fear of judgment. As such, a catsuit is a form of body armor that shields us from stigmas and taboos and helps us transcend. If you’re looking for one, you should look through this assortment of catsuits and bodysuits.

What Do Catsuit Enthusiasts Love About It?

Women in latex are something you’ve probably seen over the years, be it in films or TV or in kinky porn. Such costumes are tropes of the BDSM community. But this isn’t something negative. Wearing a latex catsuit simply looks cool, feels good, and is overall sexy. There are no two ways about it. But is that all to it, or is there something more?


In case you didn’t know, BDSM stands for several things. It’s bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. Any of these concepts and roles can work well with a latex onesie. Check this out.


  • For bondage and discipline, the one wearing this outfit is pretty much in bondage with how tight the outfit itself is. And making your partner wear one will teach them a valuable discipline lesson about who and what they are to you.


  • When it comes to dominance and submission, there’s no prettier sight than to have someone discipline you while wearing a tight latex catsuit, complete with a pair of high heels. It’s what kinky dreams are made of.


  • For sadism and masochism, an overly tight catsuit can provide you with just enough pain to make your skin numb and more sensitive to consensual torture. This is what we know as sensory deprivation, and it kicks like a mule.

Caring For a Catsuit

Caring for a latex outfit is simple. It requires taking a few basic steps, and it will always be shiny, tight, and ready for action. Namely, to wash it, don’t use a machine. Instead, opt for doing it manually in a bowl of warm water with some mild soap. Keep it submerged for a couple of minutes, and it will be ready for rinsing.


For rinsing, don’t use sponges. Use your fingertips instead and keep things nice and easy. Once you’re done, you can drip-dry it by placing the outfit over your bathtub. Make sure to hang it both normally and inside-out to remove all water. After it dries, you can put your hand through the outfit to make sure it doesn’t stick to itself before storing it away.