Avoid Death Grip Syndrome With These Simple Tricks

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We’re sure you’re wondering what the term “death grip syndrome” even means. Don’t worry — we have all the answers for you.

You’re here because you either already have it or you’re scared you might get it. We’re here to help put an end to your masturbation addiction.

All you have to do is a couple of simple tricks. Or maybe even just one! Find out what works for you!

What Is the Death Grip?

The death grip syndrome sounds like something that came out from the worst of nightmares. That isn’t too far from the truth — enjoying masturbation a little too much results in something like this.

But what is a death grip syndrome? Simply put, it’s one of the side effects of excessive self-love or porn addiction. In short, your penis becomes numb to any sensations causing your orgasms to become quite rare.

Then you’ll have to employ different masturbation techniques to be able to reach it. We’re talking about faster and harder strokes. That will lead to your death grip becoming even worse. It seems to be the condition from which you cannot recover.

But have no fear! There are ways to fix this horrible issue. Death grip isn’t an official medical condition, but that doesn’t make it any less real. So, be very careful with your fapping routine!

How Can It Affect You and Your Relationship?

Having this syndrome can take a toll on you for sure. No sexual dysfunction is ever fun to have, and psychological effects are often long-lasting too.

Knowing you cannot climax can cause stress and anxiety. It’s important to know that there’s nothing wrong with you. You simply enjoy masturbation too much, and now there’s a problem.

It’s even worse when you’re in a relationship. The stress and anxiety surrounding this syndrome can affect your libido in general. It can even give you performance anxiety, and your partner can feel bad about it too. How so? They might think that they’re not enough to help you orgasm, and that’s where even more problems arise.

There are numerous ways to go about resolving this issue with your partner. Finding ways to cope until the problem is fixed is always helpful. Everything can be solved through simple conversation. That’s how your partner will know what you need. Plus, they won’t feel bad that the only way you can orgasm is through solo play.

Luckily for you, we know some ways you can solve this issue.

Ways to Avoid the Death Grip Syndrome

There are multiple ways to avoid death grip. If you’re too far down the numb-penis hole, these methods can help pull you back up. Don’t be discouraged if some don’t work for you. You might need to try several to find the one that will, or even practice multiple at the same time.

So, what can you do? The first thing we’ll suggest is the NoFap challenge. This challenge basically means you’re going on a masturbation break. You might find this a bit difficult, especially if you’ve been enjoying masturbation daily for God knows how long. However, if you want to avoid the death grip sentence, you’ll want to try something like this.

After you’ve been on a break for long enough, you can start easing back into it. Don’t apply the same techniques as before. You can even use sex toys to help you out. One of these is the amazing Tenga egg.

Each Tenga egg has a soft outside shell but different textures on the inside that provide you with various sensations. Tenga eggs are quite stretchy, but you should still use a lot of lube (as with any other toy). Reaping the benefits of masturbation has never been easier. These eggs ensure you’re having a great time, and you don’t have to employ a lot of force. The best part? You can easily order them from Love Gasm, and people won’t even know you’ll use it for your pp.

That isn’t the only benefit of this sex toy. It will improve your sex life and overall sexual health, making you feel good again. They’re small and easy to keep and maintain. Therefore, we don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t give them a try.

To incorporate your partner into all of this, let them use the Tenga egg on you. Now they won’t have to jump through hoops to help you orgasm.


Whether you want to join the NoFap community or use sex toys, there are ways to avoid the death grip.

You can do that by not having a tight grip on your penis to begin with. Being gentle will give you different sensations too. Maybe you’ll find yourself liking them more than being aggressive. Your penis will definitely thank you.

If things get too serious, you can always look for medical advice.